Organizing an Adult Religion Classes

Local Stake-Directed Classes

Local stake presidents may organize and offer an adult religion class as a stake activity according to the need of their local members.  Leaders should insure that the instruction is appropriate and operates within the guidelines for optional or additional programs in the Church Handbook of Instruction.  Class members are not charged a tuition to attend the class and instructors are not paid an honoraria to compensate them for preparation and instruction time.

Approved BYU Adult Religion Classes

BYU Adult Religion Classes are noncredit classes and the course of study must be selected from the LDS Institutes of Religion "Approved Course" list. BYU Adult Religion Classes are required to be financially self-sustaining by policy such that no church unit or BYU funds are required to supplement the cost of the class.

Ordinarily, BYU Adult Religion Classes are for adults and should consist of one class of approximately 90 minutes each week for a period of 10 to 17 weeks. Classes should be held on the BYU semester schedule: Winter (January-April), Spring/Summer (May-August), and Fall (September-December).

Class members are required to pay tuition (a standard tuition fee of $22, beginning fall 2017) to attend the class and an honoraria is paid to instructors to compensate them for their preparation and instruction time.  The registration fee for Adult Religion Classes is set by BYU Continuing Education and cannot be changed locally.

The honoraria is calculated from a schedule approved by BYU and CES administration.  A copy of the honorarium schedule is available from BYU Continuing Education.  Instructor honoraria, publicity, and a minimal processing charge to cover BYU Continuing Education administrative costs are the only expenses for the program.

Requesting a BYU Adult Religion Class

Should a stake president desire to offer a BYU Adult Religion Class in their stake, the following process is used to request consideration of such a class.

  1. The stake president determines the course(s) of study from the approved LDS Institute curriculum that they would like to have offered.
  2. The stake president secures a location and recommends a possible time and date for the courses to be offered.
  3. If available, the stake president may recommend a mature and experienced gospel teacher from the local area who may be qualified and trusted to teach the institute curriculum. 
    1. Suggested instructors must be in good standing with the church and be trustworthy to restrict their teaching to the approved Institute curriculum (in the instructor manual) and to be doctrinally sound in their instruction.
    2. Preference may be given to current Seminary and Institute employees as available within their contract restrictions.
    3. Retired employees of the Church or any Church Education System entity are not eligible to be hired to teach BYU Adult Religion Classes.
    4. Others with prior Seminary or Institute teaching experience may be eligible to teach.
    5. The stake president is encouraged to make preliminary inquiries with the potential instructor they would recommend to determine their interest and availability but should make no commitments for the offering of the course or possible compensation.  These conversations will be initiated by BYU Continuing Education upon receipt of the course request and the approval for offering of the course.
    6. The stake president should also identify a member of the stake who will be asked to serve as the class chairperson to coordinate with BYU Continuing Education in order to manage publicity, course enrollment, and the collection and forwarding of class tuition to BYU Continuing Education.
  4. The stake president completes the Adult Religion Class Request Form (available at and submits the form as directed in the instructions.
  5. Upon receipt of the request form, BYU Continuing Education will contact the requesting stake president to initiate the process for considering the request to offer the class and make it available for online listing and enrollment. * Please note: it takes up to four weeks to complete all necessary documentation, hiring, marketing, etc... for a BYU Adult Religion Class. Please plan ahead and plan accordingly so that the class begin on the chosen date.

Upon approval of the course request, BYU Continuing Education will:

  1. Contact the stake president to coordinate the logistics of approving, publicizing and offering the course.
  2. Contact the suggested speaker to obtain required clearances and, if cleared, obtain necessary hiring documentation and discuss approved compensation.
  3. Provide necessary training and materials to prepare course instructor and class chairperson for the Adult Religion Class.
  4. Prepare and forward an approved flyer for the Adult Religion Classes, as well as copies of the flyer for the stake to distribute.
  5. After the classes have been completed and all forms and fees have been received from the stake, BYU Continuing Education will pay the teacher an honorarium based on the amount of tuition received for the classes.

Upon approval of the course request, the local stake will:

  1. Schedule the facility for the duration of the class.
  2. Appoint an individual to act as the class chairperson.
  3. Assist the class chairperson to publicize the classes in cooperation with the class teacher.
  4. The honorarium payment to the instructor will be determined by the income.
  5. The class chairperson will coordinate the registration of students. No minimum number of adult registrations is required.
  6. The class chairperson will NOT manage the collection of registration forms or tuition from the course participants. Participants must register on their own via online registration, phone registration (by calling BYU Continuing Education Registration Monday-Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m., at 801-422-8925), or by mailing their registration form and check to BYU Adult Religion, c/o Andrea Ramsey, 115A HCEB, Provo, UT 84602.
    1. Checks should be made payable to BYU Adult Religion Classes.
    2. All funds must be accompanied by the form provided by the BYU Continuing Education office and contain the following information: host stake, instructor, chairperson information, and dates of the Adult Religion Classes. NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS OR REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

BYU Adult Religion Classes are reviewed and approved annually, or upon request.  The purpose of the annual process is to review the instructor, courses of study, and other logistical matters and to obtain all required clearances, authorizations, and contracts as necessary.


For questions, please contact the following:

Utah Classes: BYU Conference Center Classes:
Andrea Ramsey
ARC Administrator
(801) 422-3896

BreAnn Duce
ARC Student Planner
(801) 422-3199

Andrea Ramsey
ARC Administrator
(801) 422-3896